06 Tips to Make Your Husband Angry

Anger, if left unaddressed, cause people to stop enjoying life. If your husband feels too angry to be willing to participate in enjoyable moments or you may experience loss of enjoyment for being around someone who is constantly angry is exhausting.

06 Tips to Make Your Husband Angry

1:     High Stress

If your husband is experiencing severe stress at work and is not sleeping and eating properly, the high levels of cortisol can turn him into a very different person.

2:     Unaddressed Emotional Trauma

It is also possible that your husband is dealing with some unresolved emotional issues. By trying to suppress these emotional wounds, he becomes angry and irritable.

3:     Emotional Distance

Emotional distance can also be a symptom of a relational dynamic, its a problem where his Partner becomes emotionally distance. he feels emotionally disconnected.

4:     A Cycle of Pursuing and Avoiding

Your partner feels you’re too needy so they take an emotional step back, which makes you feel worried, rejected, or abandoned, and therefore needier, which makes them take another step back, and so the cycle continues.

5:     No Longer Intimate


One cause for lack of intimacy in marriage is anger. If your husband expresses his anger disrespectfully, this will build resentment in you.

6:     Sexual Problems with Spouse

Partner may feel that sex means validation or freedom or conquest, none of which are available from a spouse. if you feel essentially ugly and undesirable, your partner might not be able to make you feel attractive and desirable like a stranger can.

  Zarina Kamal       Saturday, 16 Nov 2019       238 Views

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