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What is Self Motivation

Self-motivation is the force that drives to do things. People can be motivated by many things, such as desire to do something, love of someone, or need for money etc. Self-motivation is an important skill.

Motivation is the desire to act in favor of goals. It's a key element in setting and attaining the objectives that people can influence their own levels of motivation and self-control. it is the power that activates the engine of success, and moves to act and do things.

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Self-motivation is the force that drives to do things. People can be motivated by many things, such as the desire to do something, love of someone, or need for money, etc. Self-motivation is an important skill. The phenomenon of motivation isn’t limited; it occurs in every living organism. The reasons might not always be the same between two individuals acting in a certain way, but almost every action is directed with certain motivation.

Self-motivation is encouraging and continue to making progress toward a goal even when it feels challenging. The one common commanding person of all successful people is their hunger to push through their fears. If a person has enough hunger, they can easily learn self-motivation. It drives to people keep going even in the face of difficulty, to take up opportunities, and to show that what they want to achieve.

There are two main types of motivations:

  • Extrinsic Motivation
  • Intrinsic Motivation

Extrinsic Motivation

Extrinsic motivation is based on external rewards. Its more common that include money, praise, awards, recognition, benefits and achieving things due to a specific incentive, fear, or expectation. Extrinsic incentives can be used to motivate a group, thus increasing productivity in the workplace or creating a better learning environment. It might only occur for a limited period of time, and the person stops performing actions after the punishment or reward is applied. Extrinsic motivation, that a person’s motivational encouragements are coming from outside. A person’s desires to perform a task are controlled by an outside source. People can reflect on a negative reaction when they are forced to do something in exchange for a reward. Most people would rather decide to do something based on their own goals, motivations, or ethic.

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Extrinsic motivation is external in nature.

Intrinsic Motivation

Intrinsic motivation is based on internal rewards. Intrinsic motivation means that a person’s motivational encouragement is coming from within. The person has the desire to perform a specific task. Intrinsic motivation calls upon someone’s emotions that Internal values and the reward of feeling good to achieve a positive reaction like, joy, relief, achievement, sense of accomplishment, and reassurance. its motivation relies on a person’s They perform because it makes them feel good. On the other side, intrinsic motivation can backfire because a person might feel inadequate or unable to achieve a high goal. Intrinsic Motivation keep going on for longer periods and often leads to a higher level of success. Its incentives are hard to figure. In a class or workplace, different persons will have required different approaches. However, intrinsic motivation can also have negative motivational drivers such as, a person can motivate yourself to learn new things. The outcome of a person’s action/ force is positive, but the specific motivation he used was focused on stopping a negative outcome rather than a positive outcome.

A deep-rooted desires have the highest motivational power.

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