Beaches and Places

None can deny the relaxing waters, stunning sunrises and sunsets and sand that ranges from powdery smooth and white to hard-packed and dotted with seashells and other treasures. Indeed, beaches are the best places in the world, consistently taking top rankings in international travel publications and on travel expert lists.

Why to Go to Beach

Going to a Beach is a fantasy for many of the people. People dream to go to the beach for the different activities they can do there.

  • Swimming in clear shinning sea water
  • Fishing in callow water
  • Enjoying the facilities available in the beach like: Arcade, Aquarium, Ride, and Mini Golfing
  • Surfing and snorkeling
  • Relaxing near the peaceful waves
  • Romancing with your spouse or friend

Wow! Beach Environment

  • Soothing effect of Clear Salt Water

    The minerals and salts in the sea water provide soothing effect on aching joints. It helps in healing of cuts and scraps.
  • Exfoliation of Skin

    Beach ground containing sand and salts containing minerals like sodium, chloride, magnesium and calcium is a great natural exfoliator. It helps peels off dead skin cells from feet and anywhere else to reveal a wonderful glow. If you go to the beach, it's like going to an all-natural spa day!
  • Healthy Workout

    Walking, running, swimming, and snorkeling at the beach are great exercises. A week at a beach makes you Stay healthy, get fit, or even lose weight.
  • Makeup Vitamin Deficiency

    Soaking up that sun is actually vital for our health. Vitamin D plays a key role in promoting healthy bones. Shining sun rays provide an optimal amount of vitamin D even in only one hour.
  • Calm your mind

    The calming sounds and sights can put you in a state of calm.
  • Technology Detoxification

    The beach is a great place to take off from the electronic screens, which helps in clearing that mental clutter.
  • Enjoying Company

    When you are with family, the beach is a great place to catch up, tell stories, and have a great laugh.
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Sea breeze calm your brain

Spending a lot of time inside the radiation pollution produced by electrical devices can lead to a great deal of positive ion exposure. Positive ions, despite their optimistic names, are not positive for our overall health at all. Instead these tiny little positively charged atomic particles are believed to have properties that can lead to anxiety, breathing difficulty, irritability and an overall lack of energy. Negative ions, on the other hand, are found outdoors in natural clean air sources, such as Beach sea breeze or after a fresh rain on Lakes. Negative ions can reverse the effects of their positive counterparts on your body. Negative ions can help purify blood, revitalize cell metabolism and boost your immune system.

Beaches in Indonesia

The most beautiful beaches in Indonesia

Beaches in Indonesia
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The most beautiful beaches in USA

Beaches in USA
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The most beautiful beaches in Australia

Beaches in Australia

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