Question Types

All parts which are normally appears on the tests include Reasoning, General Knowledge, Non Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative - Mathematics, Science Reasoning, Subject, and Verbal Reasoning - English for the best preparation of all type of tests.

All Sections - Questions Types

Here you can find all question types that normally appears in common tests throughout the world.


The Reasoning part of the test includes scenario-based reasoning questions. This part requires analy ....

Reasoning Prep

Non Verbal Reasoning

Non-verbal reasoning questions at Kohkaf helps you a lot to understand the underlying concepts of th ....

Non Verbal Reasoning Prep

Science Reasoning

Take the Kohkaf Learning Tools free practice questions for Science to determine which academic conce ....

Science Reasoning Prep

Verbal Reasoning - English

Verbal Reasoning or English part of the test consists of many types of questions including Reading C ....

Verbal Reasoning - English Prep

General Knowledge

A comprehensive General Knowledge prep tool. Less effort more memorized facts. Questions from Past P ....

General Knowledge

Quantitative - Mathematics

Kohkaf's Math section provides you tools to grasp the section. The quantitative or Mathematical Reas ....

Quantitative - Mathematics


Kohkaf's test prep tools provide you opportunities to prepare Subject Parts of the test like Physic ....


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