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You are willing to have admission in a reputed university any where in the world. The first step is to select a university that meets your preferences. Selecting a university, whether it is in European countries like the UK, France, Germany or Sweden, in the U.S., China or anywhere else, is not as complicated task as you may think. You just have to view university list in the area of your choice.

There are over twenty five thousand universities that are accepted as center of higher learning all over the world. In Kohkaf's university list of over 15,000 international study destinations help students find a university or specific type of program.

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Prepare the tests required for most of the universities in the world. GMAT, GRE,and SAT are major tests for the admission in many of the big educational institution around the globe. TOEFL and IELTS are major language test to move abroad for not the admission but also for any purpose.

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