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Interview - Avoid Book References and answer from real life

This common refrain toward the close of a job interview can make even the best of us stammer when the tables are turned. But with the national unemployment rate over 8%, sharp interview skills are more important than ever.

Some time you face a knowledge base question while you are in an interview. Obviously, it is very useful to give a knowledge source as a reference. But a steady diet for all other questions makes the interviewer believe that you are a book worm. Occasionally, one or two quotes or book references are enough for good impression.

Be Relevant to the Operational Field of the Organization

You must know the operational field of the organization. Try to use quotes or references from well-known experts in the industry. Excessive use of general book references may ruin all of your good impressions. Always try to be brief but effective.

  Umbreen Aleem       Tuesday, 26 Nov 2019       267 Views

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