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When you go for Interview Have extra copies of documents

It goes without saying that if you’re going to a job interview, you should bring a few copies of your resume. This raises the question though, how many? You don’t want to seem wasteful and bring too many. You also don’t want to have too few.

You'd be surprised how often candidates walk into an interview to find out that the interviewer doesn't have a copy of their documents. Thus, being prepared with key documents can certainly increase your chances of having a successful interview.

Bring at least five resume copies. Keep them in a separate folder or professional folio so they don’t bend or wrinkle and are easy to access.

Bringing the right documents is an important part of the interview process

Print out a few copies of the most updated version of your resume. You should also have extra copies in case you need to reference it during the interview — or if extra interviewers show up.

Always bring more than one copy of your resume to your job interview. A good rule of thumb would be to bring four to five copies, as you may be interviewed by multiple people. Plus, you never know, things could go so well in the interview that the hiring manager sends you for a second interview with others from their team or even their boss!.

  Zeynep Ogkal

  Tuesday, 26 Nov 2019       742 Views