Colin Farrell

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Colin Farrell

It was 31 May of 1976 when Colin Farrell born.He is an Irish actor.

Early life

Castleknock,Dublin,Ireland is the birthplace of Farrell.Rita and Eamon Farrell are his parents. Farrell attended St. Brigid's National School.Then he went to Castleknock College and then to Gormanston College.

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Personal life

Farrell and Amelia Warner met in 2000.
They involved with each other from July to November 2001.
Farrell has a son from Kim Bordenave namely James Padraig.
He was born in 2003. Farrell goes out with Muireann McDonnell from 2007 to 2008.
Farrell and Emma Forrest dated for over a year.
Farrell has another son from Alicja Bachleda-Curuƛ.
He was born on 9 October 2009.They ended their relationship in mid-2010.

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Acting Career

Farrell made his film debut from the drama The War Zone in 1999. From 1999 to 2019, he appeared in various films like Solace,Dumbo,Total Recall,Fright Night,Triage,Ordinary Decent Criminal,London Boulevard,S.W.A.T,American Outlaws,Miami Vice,Ask the Dust,Alexander,Miss Julie,Daredevil,Roman J. Israel, Esq,The Killing of a Sacred Deer,Kicking It,Frankie Starlight,The Disappearance of Finbar,Drinking Crude,An American Cinematheque Tribute,Falling for a Dancer,Epic,True Detective,Alexandra Daddario, Vince Vaughn, Woody Harrelson,Scrubs,Ballykissangel,In Bruges,Minority Report,Phone Booth,Saving Mr. Banks,Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,The War Zone,Seven Psychopaths,The Way Back,Crazy Heart,Widows,The Lobster,Horrible Bosses,Ondine,Tigerland,The Beguiled,Veronica Guerin,The Imaginarium of Doctor,A Home at the End of the World,The New World,Dead Man Down,Pride and Glory and Hart's War.

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