Causes of Stress During Exams Season

A little stress around exam time can be a good thing, as it motivates you to put in the work. But sometimes stress levels can get out of hand.

Causes of Stress During Exams Season

Exams stress may experience anxiety and depression, lose sleep, become forgetful, irritable, overwhelmed, exhausted and feel out of control. This can really impact on your ability to prepare for your assignments and exams, as well as negatively affect your levels of performance and sense of well-being.

Little Stress is Required

If you're experiencing exam stress, it's important to remind yourself that this is only a small part of your life, even though it might not feel like it at the time.

Not enough sleep

While some people thrive on little sleep or claim to work more productively at night, extended periods of exhaustion will have a negative impact on your well-being. According to a study at Harvard Medical School’s Health Sleep division, sleep optimizes focus and consolidation of memory, aiding our ability to recall information.

Lacking a proper workspace

Study In Jungle

Some people study best with their books spread around them, some people like to work in a silent space, and some learn best in coffee shops with minimal noise in the background. Find or create your own ideal study space that encapsulates everything you’ll need to focus on. When an environment that’s too busy can have a negative impact on your study efforts so it’s important to take the time to find the kind of environment you work best in. your necessary books and notes, proper lighting, a chair with proper back support, and room for your notebooks/laptop if you need to work with them as well.

Procrastination regrets

Everyone has been guilty of procrastination at some time or another – in fact, students are prone to putting off studying when they view it as a huge undertaking, rather than a series of tasks. If you find yourself in this situation, take some time to break down the material and analyze what needs to be done in smaller chunks. This will make it seem less intimidating. Aim to make the schedule as realistic as possible for yourself and your own needs because, let’s be serious, setting aside one hour to study 6 chapters is just impractical.

Study Break

You don’t take enough breaks

If you’re one of those students who read material nonstop for hours, this point is for you give yourself a break! It’s important to rest your eyes and change your surroundings once in a while so you can return to your studies feeling refreshed and energized. Try taking a walk with your dog, gardening, attending a yoga class, or going for a quick run. Taking this time to relax means your time spent studying will be more effective, you will return with an increased attention span and higher levels of concentration.

Prioritizing course material

If you missed some classes over the semester or found some gaps in your notes, you may be struggling to put together an effective study strategy. While some professors may offer hints in class about the exam content, it’s by and large the student who is left to figure out the weight of the lessons taught in lectures and labs. One of the best ways to deal with this is to form study groups with your peers. Studying isn’t all about reading in your head. The more you discuss the topics with others, the more information you will retain.

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