10 Tips to Make Your Wife Angry

A marriage goes through a crisis, it can either be the breaking point of the relationship or it can be a vehicle for moving forward as a stronger couple. Everyone makes mistakes within their marriage but some mistakes are more monumental.

10 Tips to Make Your Wife Angry

10 common break down fights that they really say about your relationship.

1:     You are Pointing Fingers Constantly

Pointing Finger

If you find yourselves blaming each other for who ruined the vacation or whose fault it was that you were late for the dinner, your expectations are probably out of whack. There are some things that you don’t know about and some things cannot be changed. Pointing out her mistakes just makes her hate you more.

2:     You Bicker Over Chores

This is often the way power-and-control struggles play out in a relationship. Power struggles are toxic to romantic relationships because they leave both people feeling misunderstood and unloved. The underlying premise of a power struggle is that one person wins while the other one loses. Each partner digs in deeper, fearful that they will disappear if the other gets their way. It’s a rotten way to live and often results in separation or divorce.

3:     You Try to Ignore Problems But Vent Your Anger in Others Way

Giving your partner the silent treatment, making passive-aggressive jabs, or keeping frustration pent up inside isn't going to fix whatever is bothering you. For some, it's this passive settling, this seething, boiling underneath. Research has shown that venting anger in an aggressive way, such as screaming, velling, etc., does not lessen the anger. In fact, it increases anger. So, this “venting” is not good for him in addition to how it makes you feel. It elevates his blood pressure.

4:     You Feel Less Interesting to her than Fantasy Football


knowing her fantasies could give you a definite advantage when the time comes to titillate her most sensitive and sensual senses. Women love a man who knows them intimately. Women are, to put it plainly, the most mysterious of creatures. But they love it when their man knows how to decode their inner workings and give them what they want anyway.

5:     You Have Different Sex-Pectations

Sex Pectations

Rarely are fights just about sexual intimacy. But these destructive disagreements can often undermine both partners' self-confidence. When a partner associates sex with a time to be held, cuddled, and feel affection. If they're not getting that affection during the day, too, it places an unhealthy level of expectations on a couple's sex life.

6:     You Fight About How She Always Or Never Does Something

She Does

It can be tempting to talk in absolutes like this, but it's probably pretty rare that your partner always or never does a particular thing. The minute we put the words always or never into the fight, it's easy to denigrate into versions of first-grade-type fights of 'I do not,' 'You do too.

As partners, particularly husband and wife, you should always be able to discuss everything, and in a loving relationship, no one forces the other to do anything; else it is not truly a loving relationship.

There are times, in a loving relationship, where we do things for our spouse in order to avoid arguments or hurt feelings. But never, should you do anything you know to be wrong or which makes you feel wronged. Never!

7:     You Are Telling White Lies to Her

If you're keeping big secrets. Either way, fights that involve lies or broken promises can be a big problem, even if they're not about huge deceptions, like affairs. "Couples tend to manage each other".They'll present something in a certain way. Or say, 'I'll wait until he's in a good mood,' or 'I'll only tell him this part. You haven't built up a sense of trust or an agreement that you're really going to be partners. Best friends tell each other everything.

8:     She Expect Him to Be The Same As When She was Dating

Dating Couple

Change in a relationship can be a great thing. But if one partner feels like they're being left in the dust, they can feel betrayed or distanced. When someone starts to grow, change and their partner is threatened, the person decides not to grow anymore and can become afraid of the change themselves.

9:     Don't Make Her Feel Special

This fight is a Special Days classic. It's like, 'If he really loved me, he'd know what to buy me or to take me to the right restaurant. Pointing again to unrealistic expectations. So many women think, 'Well if I have to tell him, it doesn't count.' Yes, it does! It so does!"

10:     You have Got a Case of "I Told You So"

If you're really affirmed by your partner, you don't need to rub things in their face like that. These fights can build walls in between partners, so lose the sarcasm and have an honest conversation.

  Zarina Kamal       Friday, 15 Nov 2019       316 Views

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