Learn About The Beginner Level TOEFL Vocabulary Section before starting the preparation

You will test your knowledge of the words and phrases that are commonly used in the TOEFL iBT exam.

About The Beginner Level TOEFL Vocabulary Section

About The Beginner Level TOEFL

This convenient and mobile-friendly lesson contains fun and entertaining TOEFL vocabulary question that will help you prepare to ace the test. Beginner level words are the foundation of having a strong TOEFL Vocabulary.

You are required to use a wide variety of English words on the TOEFL, in many different ways. You will hear difficult vocabulary words in a professor's lecture, and a conversation between students. In this situation you must rely on your instincts to help you confirm which word you have heard and what it means in that context. You might not get another chance to hear that word! In reading, you will be able to read and reread difficult words, with substantial context to help you decode the meaning. In the speaking and writing sections, you will have to actually use the word in a sentence. With all of these ways that you need to use vocabulary words on the TOEFL, you can see why it is so important to spend time studying those words!

About the TOEFL Beginner Vocabulary Words

The TOEFL requires students to have a firm understanding of thousands of words in the English language. Keep in mind that for maximum retention of the words, it is important to go back and review those new words at regular intervals. Nothing is more frustrating than learning a word on Monday but forgetting it by Friday!

Here are the words that you might encounter while studying TOEFL beginner words. Are you comfortable with each of these words in reading, writing, listening, and speaking?

  • Compound
  • Community
  • Industry
  • Average
  • Structure
  • Smooth
  • Source
  • Broad
  • Immediately
  • Ability
  • Balance
  • Composition
  • Determine
  • Expression
  • Ordinary
  • Recognize

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