English Grammar And Writing

Formatting Rules

A sentence is a self-contained unit of meaning. Writing is constructed by putting sentences in sequence, one after another and, if a single sentence is read aloud, it should be understandable.

Formatting Rules

Who's It For?

Anyone who needs help learning or mastering Formatting Rules in English Sentence material will benefit from the lessons in this chapter of Sentence Structure. There is no faster or easier way to learn when to italicize and when to underline, how to apply quotes and when to capitalize certain words. Among those who would benefit are:

  • Student who are preparing tests like SAT, GMAT, GRE, ACT, or any other domestic and Foreign Tests
  • Students who want to learn a broad topic in a short amount of time
  • Students who are looking for easy ways to identify the most important information on the topic
  • Students who have fallen behind in memorizing facts about formatting rules
  • Students who prefer multiple ways of learning English grammar (visual or auditory)
  • Students who have missed class time and need to catch up
  • Students who have limited time to study for an upcoming exam

Students Will Review

This chapter summarizes the material students need to know about Formatting Rules for a standard English course. Topics covered include:

  • Using italic fonts
  • Understanding whether to underline or italicize book and movie titles
  • How to quote quotes and blockquote
  • Using MLA and APA formats
  • When to capitalize job titles

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