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Interview Questions Knowing about the company

If you don't know much about the company- you are applying, the assumption will be made that really you aren't very interested in the job. Because, if you really were interested, you would know enough about the company to answer this question well.

How to Answer “What Do You Know About Our Company?”

The best way to answer, “what do you know about our company?” is to name specific facts you found while researching the company that demonstrates you understand their business and got to know their organization before applying. You can name facts you discovered on the company website, social media channels, news articles and more.

Be prepared by researching the employer

Researching the employer is a very smart thing to do for a number of reasons. The research will help you answer this question.

First, read that job description sentence-by-sentence to be sure you understand what they seem to be looking for and how you match the requirements. Then,

  • Examine the employer's website: About Us, Mission, Products (or Services), People, etc.
  • Google the employer's name to see what you discover. Clients? Competitors? Raves? Slams?
  • Look for a LinkedIn Company Profile where you can examine the profiles of employees you may be connected to (networking!)
  • If it's a publicly-traded company, the law requires an annual report to be published, so check AnnualReports.com which will be full of facts on sales, profits, key executives, locations, and much more.

  Zeynep Ogkal

  Tuesday, 26 Nov 2019       906 Views