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Interview - Aim to Impress Interviewer

You probably have tried your best to pull off that sensational interview appearance, trying to wow your interviewer or impress the seeming almighty interview panel, but things just have not been going the way you expected, you have been frustrated.

Many candidates should have landed the jobs by just being self-confident, but things start getting complicated in the interview room when they think or make it their sole focus to super-impress the interviewer.

On getting to see the reaction that the interviewer is not impressed or looking beyond their awesome social skills as they did not imagine it would be at their rehearsals, they gradually lose self-esteem, begin to fidget and fade off like an overly told joke.

An interviewer wants you to be bold and to hold your gun at all times. It shows him or her that you know your stuff rather than putting up a selfless and eventual comical display to get them impressed. In the end, you may never get to impress them.

The task of impressing them becomes even more herculean once they discover that you will say anything or put up any act just to impress them.

  Zeynep Ogkal

  Tuesday, 26 Nov 2019       792 Views