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When you are to go for an Interview - Be In Time

Experts in the hiring process agreed that arriving 15 minutes early is the best timing for an in-office interview. Amy Polefrone, the CEO of HR Strategy Group, told HuffPost that 10-15 minutes early is best because it shows that “you're ready.

Is there an ideal time to show up for a job interview? And can you ever be too early?

Josh Doody, a salary negotiation coach, and former hiring manager, also recommends aiming for the 15-minute window to mitigate “the potential problems that can arise from getting from point A to point B.”

“Arrive about 15 minutes before, because [in case] you have trouble at the last minute or the person is ready sooner, you’re in good stead then,” said Phyllis Hartman, founder of the human resources company PGHR Consulting.

You definitely don’t want to arrive late, the experts agreed.

“Arriving late really sends a bad message, no matter what the reason,” Hartman said. “It demonstrates a lack of commitment.”

  Zeynep Ogkal

  Tuesday, 26 Nov 2019       446 Views