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It’s safe to say that a lot of people might believe women to be the most impulsive shoppers. However, new data suggests that men actually spend more on impulse shopping than women.

I used to wonder why some stores are successful without any decoration, while others spend a huge part of their budget on advertisements and images. Now I know. The former tailors to men, while the other tailors for women because women enjoy the shopping experience, while men just buy. Get in, get out.

Look at five of the main ways men like spending their hard-earned dollars.


Mobile In Hands

Many men love gadgets and are fascinated with new technology. A recent survey indicates that Men spend an average of $701 per year on audio and visual equipment, while women spending is considerably lower at $536.

For those trying to get rid of their expensive electronic habit, why not just wait a few months and buy the product at a discounted price? You can also consider looking on eBay or Craigslist to find bargains with those who bought the items at a high price and really do not need it.


Woman In Car With Girl

Despite the high prices, it seems that men are still buying fast and expensive cars. Men also tend to buy less energy-efficient models.

Many of the car sellers say that women car buyers are more cost-conscious and purchased fuel-efficient vehicles. Male buyers are normally the opposite and purchase vehicles that are either big and brawny or chose high-priced, high-performance vehicles.


Men actually spend twice as much on alcohol as women, men $ 552 and women $ 233. It seems like the guys really like to have a Beer While watching sports or simply to go to the bar, it becomes a hobby more and more expensive. It doesn't help matters any that alcohol prices are rising as well.

For the guys who are trying to save money in this area, this is a tried-and-true formula for your friends to visit before going to a bar. Of course, you can also try drinking less alcohol.



Of course, men do love sports. There are so many ways to spend cash on sports including watching live games and buying tickets for sporting events.

Men - you can be a big fan without attending every game. Hang out at your local bar and root for your team with the fans there instead. Not only will you save yourself the ticket price, but the beer will also be cheaper too.

The next time you hear the men complaining about their wives or partners spending all the cash, we'll know to remind them that they should read this article.

  Zeki Serhan

  Friday, 29 Nov 2019       598 Views