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Popular career options in Pakistan

id you know that every year 150000 students take the board exams nationwide? Out of this how many do you think to make it to the tip of the ? You don't need to be a topper to have a good career.

The job opportunities sections of newspapers and employment websites advertise thousands of positions all over India and abroad.

Among the huge list of jobs to choose from, there are a few career categories that are more popular than the others.

What are some of the commonly advertised positions in the careers section? What are the hot jobs? Here’s a quick look.

Finance Careers

If the rich and the famous characters portrayed in Hollywood aren’t businessmen they are more likely to be investment bankers, traders, asset/portfolio managers & financial analysts.

Jobs in corporate finance, project finance, insurance management or regular (retail) banking may not be as glamorous, but they have their own rewards.

While Wall Street might seem to be the epicenter of financial activity, there are plenty of high paying jobs in finance available across the world.

Technology Careers

The geeks will inherit the earth they said. While that prophecy may not have fully fructified yet, technical wizards are surely controlling how lives and business operations on the planet.

Whether you are an application programmer, project manager, software test engineer there’s a lot of power you can wield on technology products that’ll have a big influence on those around you.

Marketing Careers

Marketing Career

You may not be able to sell ice to an Eskimo, because you’ve never tried. When a regular desk job isn’t your cup of tea, marketing jobs in sales, marketing strategy, pricing, and advertising may be right for you.

Operations Careers

What the customer sees is the final product or service delivered by the company. What stays behind the scenes is the tremendous effort that goes into creating/manufacturing it. There’s usually an army of workers, operations managers, quality control professionals who are working towards ensuring the superior customer experience.

Human Resources (HR) Careers

In spite of all the automation that we see around us, the not-so-lowly employee still calls the shots. It’s still a while before machines will take over from humans. Which means there’s plenty of work for HR professionals. You could look at jobs in recruitment, compensation structuring, training and a host of other human resource management roles.

  Zeki Serhan

  Tuesday, 16 Jul 2019       640 Views