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Various Full Film industries like All platforms are growing each year and the number of films releasing every year is growing exponentially. Here in this section, we give a list of latest Hollywood, Bollywood, Lollywood, and other film industries' flicks which have released 2023 - 2024. This latest All platforms films listing is a one-stop solution for all the latest updates about new English movies running in theaters.

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Sniper Assassin's End - Action movie by Hollywood, Close Calls - Horror movie by Hollywood, Fantastic Four - Action movie by Hollywood, The Last Witch Hunter - Action movie by Hollywood, and The Precipice - Action movie by Hollywood are latest English movies of All platforms.

Views: 289 | 12 Feb 2021 PG: G

English Action

Views: 699 | 12 Feb 2021 PG: G

English Horror

Views: 627 | 12 Feb 2021 PG: G

English Action

Views: 554 | 12 Feb 2021 PG: G

English Action

Views: 581 | 12 Feb 2021 PG: G

English Action

Views: 642 | 13 Jan 2021 PG: PG-13

English Science Fiction

Views: 580 | 13 Jan 2021 PG: G

English Drama

Views: 651 | 13 Jan 2021 PG: G

English Action

Views: 586 | 13 Jan 2021 PG: G

English Action

Views: 1800 | 13 Jan 2021 PG: R

English Drama

Views: 566 | 13 Jan 2021 PG: G

English Animation

Views: 606 | 13 Jan 2021 PG: PG

English Action

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