10 Negative Emotions

Emotions that can become negative are hate, anger, jealousy, and sadness. These feelings are natural. Negative emotions can dampen your enthusiasm for life, how long we let them affect and the way we choose to express them.

10 Negative Emotions

1.     Sadness

This is our way of expressing dissatisfaction with ourselves and our achievements. It makes you feel that something is missing from your life and you would be happier. If you feel sad and nostalgic too often, then your life may indeed require some changes. It may be that you don’t make any progress and are stuck in life or that you’ve made some choices that led you to a wrong path.

2.     Annoyance

Annoyance is a weak form of anger. It occurs when someone’s behavior provokes you and makes you irritated. When you get annoyed with someone, it means that they don’t behave the way you want them to and you can’t change that.

3.     Guilt

Woman In Guilt

Guilt is a form of self-punishment which often affects overthinkers and deep people. In rare cases, guilt involves a hidden feeling of superiority which makes you think something. The feeling of guilt is a very destructive emotion which signals that you need to change something about yourself.

4.    Discouragement and despair

Despair occurs when multiple efforts to achieve something do not bring the desired results. It is a hidden way to give yourself an excuse to give up and desist from further attempts to succeed. Discouragement and despair may also signal that you have to take some time off work.

5.     Disappointment and frustration

Disappointed Woman

Disappointment comes from discontent when you face situations where you do not get what you want. It can also be that other people don’t do what you want. In any case, the hidden meaning behind the feelings of disappointment and frustration is that you fail to accept life and people the way they are.

6.     Apathy

Apathy is a hidden form of rebellion against something. As a rule, it manifests itself in those who do not have the power or the ability to rebel openly. It is a passive-aggressive way to express protest and disagreement with something. Apathy may also be a hidden way to shift responsibility from yourself to someone else.

7.     Fear

Fear is often cited as one of the core basic emotions, and that’s because it’s heavily linked with our sense of self-preservation. It’s an evolved response to warn us about dangerous situations, unexpected obstacles or failures.

8.     Anxiety

Woman In Anxiety

While this is a commonly described “emotion,” my experience is that there is other, suppressed emotion under it creating a feeling of anxiousness. It’s best to find what is making you feel anxious instead of using the catch-all of “anxiety” to describe what you’re experiencing.

9.     Worthless

Of no importance or value; without the excellence of character, quality or esteem; serving no purpose. So many of us have given other people permission to define our worth. We are so caught in a pattern of this that we just hang on to how we didn’t live up to someone’s expectations, or what they thought about us.

10.     Overwhelmed

To be overpowered in mind or emotion; extreme stress; feeling overpowered with superior force; feeling excessively burdened. This is often self-inflicted. We live in a society where we never feel we’re doing enough, fast enough, good enough.

  Zarina Kamal

  Monday, 18 Nov 2019       560 Views