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A psychologist treats a patient through psychotherapy, helping to relieve symptoms through behavioral change.

If happiness is a universal goal, then we need to understand its cause and effect. But before we go on to the studies and definitions, we need to know why it’s so important to us. Why are we so hung up on being happy?

  • Is good for our health. Happy people have stronger immune systems and have a longer lifespan, than depressed and unhappy people.
  • Makes you more giving. Since they are happy, they feel more contentment and tend to share their blessings with others.
  • Helps you handle stress better.>/li>
  • Helps you recover from trauma faster.
  • Is beneficial to your relationships. Compared to discontented people with a lot of hang-ups, happy people have a higher chance of getting married and having successful relationships. They also have a broader and more meaningful network of friends.
  • Encourages success. Happy people are more creative and energized and this attitude translates to their work performance.
  • Happy people are reported to live 14% longer, increasing their lives by 7.5 to 10 years.

The Search for Happiness is Universal

The search for happiness is a human endeavor – a universal goal. We all want to be happy, and we empathize with each other’s need for it. We search for it with all our might, our thoughts and actions focused on only one goal in life – to be happy.

But what is happiness, really? Is it that feeling that rushes over you when you achieve a goal, when you have your first child, or when you love someone and they love you back? You know it when you’re happy or not, but can something so intangible really be defined and measured?

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