Nusa Dua Beach - best for a family day out

Nusa Dua is a type of all-inclusive resort. It has an incredible collection of world-class hotels and international chains facing a pristine waterfront.

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Nusa Dua means "Two Islands" in Indonesian (language), which sounds like a misconception because if you come here you will find two non-descriptive promontories, each surmounted by a temple. Nusa Dua is widely known as the "upscale" district of Bali and many upscale seaside resorts can be found here. There is currently a tourist area dedicated to Nusa Dua which is closed and dotted with guard posts. Once inside, you will find beautifully manicured lawns and not an irrelevant leaf. In short, it's a world away from the rest of Bali.

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Nusa Dua Visitors

Most visitors come to Nusa Dua if they wish to spend a relaxing beach holiday and spend their days swimming, enjoying the water view and dine on the beautiful beaches of the city. There is also a range of cultural activities in Nusa Dua, although many tourists avoid them in favor of staying within the limits of their seaside resorts, if you are fond of going out, you will be able to enjoy it immensely, in addition to the sea and sand.

Boating in Nusa Dua

There are tour operators providing glass-bottom boat trips, and that contrasts with the wooden boats of the local fishermen who head out to sea from this point. If you’re an early bird, you’ll enjoy the view of the magical crimson sunrise against the blue waters.

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