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If the winter blues have your soul aching for a bit of sunshine, a trip to Bali will do the trick: with an average of 12 to 13 hours of sunshine a day, the prescription of sun, sea, and sand will set things right.

From island-hopping by private speedboat to snorkeling in crystal-clear waters amongst turtles, coral reefs, and manta rays, to private beachside yoga lessons, a vacation in Bali could be the ultimate cure for what ails you.

Palms, fronds, vines, and among the most photographed sights of all, the beautiful rice terraces you will find on the island

Balinese Massage

Body, mind, and soul, this island has a number of ways to steep yourself in wellness and healing, including Balinese massage, which uses Chinese and Indian pressure point techniques to soothe and release muscle tension.

Bali is aglow with the reds, pinks, and purples of spectacular sunrises; the intense blue of the sky and sea, the black of volcanic sand beaches and white fluffy clouds floating on the wind.

  Shanon Kareil

  Friday, 06 Dec 2019       1040 Views