Top 20 Universities of Argentina Offering

Programs in Business And Administrative Sciences


Degrees in general business administration typically cover management, business development, and financial topics. Professionals in international business are expected to analyze business portfolios and create and follow business strategies for international businesses.

Top Universities of Argentina for Business And Administrative Sciences

From a long list of universities in Argentina a few are:

University Institute of Maritime Security   (Buenos Aires)

University of Buenos Aires   (Buenos Aires)

National Technological University   (Buenos Aires)

National University of Rosario   (Santa fe)

University of Palermo Argentina   (Buenos Aires)

National University of Cuyo   (Mendoza)

National University of Litoral   (Santa fe)

National University of Mar Del Plata   (Buenos Aires)

University Institute of The Italian Hospital   (Buenos Aires)

National University of San Martn Argentina   (Buenos Aires)

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