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Learn IELTS General Training Writing Format Task Types before starting the preparation

The Writing component of the IELTS General Training exam consists of two writing prompts. Keep reading for more information on the structure and format of these tasks.

IELTS General Training Writing Format Task Types

IELTS General Training Writing Format Task Types

IELTS General Training Writing Tasks

The Writing subtest on the IELTS General Training test is comprised of two tasks. The first task requires candidates to respond to a situation and concentrates on factual information, while the second task asks candidates to provide thoughts and opinions on a specific topic. Candidates will have 20 minutes to complete the first task and 40 minutes to complete the second for a total of one hour.

Task 1

In Writing Task 1, candidates receive information on a situation and must write a response in the provided answer booklet. Situations vary from one form of the test to the next, but will always represent an ordinary and common occurrence. Potential situations include the composition of a letter to a college accommodation officer, employer, local newspaper, or landlord.

Candidates are provided with three bullet points that mention specific information that must be included in the response. Candidates may be required to express needs, ask for factual information, or make a request, among other tasks.

The tone and style of the written response is dependent on the audience in the given prompt. Candidates may need to use a casual tone when writing to a newspaper, or a more formal style when communicating with an employer.

Responses must be at least 150 words in length. Candidates are allowed to exceed this limit, but be advised that your testing period is only an hour long and writing too much may not leave you with enough time to address Task 2. Responses that do not reach the 150-word limit will be penalized.

Test takers will be assessed based on grammar usage, coherence, and vocabulary, as well as the relevancy, accuracy, and appropriateness of their responses.

Task 2

This task measures a candidate's ability to express abstract thoughts and ideas. Instructions for this task will offer information about a particular viewpoint or ideology, and test takers must compose a response in which they offer their own opinion on the subject.

Potential topics for Task 2 fall into the 'general interest' category and may relate to personal matters such as education and family life or political matters such as environmental problems or whether or not smoking should be allowed in public areas. The topics will not require advanced knowledge of a particular subject.

Task 2 responses must be at least 250 words. Insufficient answers will be penalized. Candidates should spend no more than 40 minutes on this part of the Writing section. Test takers will be scored on their ability to express their thoughts, not the thoughts themselves. Examiners issue scores based on a candidate's organization, vocabulary, and grammar. You will not be penalized for offering a dissenting opinion.

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