Cities in Turkey

Turkey - The has a population of about with an area of . is the capital city of Turkey. are some of the major cities. The common language(s) spoken in Turkey is (are) Turkish and the people follow . The official currency of Turkey is . Consider Safety Index for Turkey which is 45 to go there. A few universities in Turkey include Middle East Technical University, Cukurova University, Adana Science And Technology University, Akdeniz University, and Alanya Alaaddin Keykubat University.

Cities in Turkey for Selecting University

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The number of international students coming to study in Turkey has witnessed a significant upsurge from 2015-16. Currently, there are around 650,000 foreign students in Turkey, signaling its growing importance as a higher education destination.

Motivations for study in Turkey include the opportunity to gain a relatively inexpensive and good quality education, with opportunities for scholarships that also pay a monthly allowance, covering accommodation and

Safety in Turkey

The safety index is 45 which indicates that the country is comparatively safe (Medium) for visitors.the country is safe for visitors.

Hostels in Turkey

Most campus universities offer a variety of accommodation facilities or other options. Apart from university dormitories, state-owned dormitories serve for all students. Students are encouraged to contact the university at hand to find out more about their specific options. Large cities sometimes also offer rented accommodation, often shared with other international or Turkish students.

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