Near or Inside City Beaches in America

Taking a dip in the ocean right after work is something most people can only dream about. For some reason that turquoise sea and beautiful sandy beach just isn’t next door. And moving out of the ci ...

Safety Index in America = 86/100
Currency in America is Dollar

American Culture

American culture encompasses the customs and traditions of the United States. "Culture encompasses religion, food, what we wear, how we wear it, our language, marriage, music, what we believe is right or wrong, how we sit at the table, how we greet visitors, how we behave with loved ones, and a million other things.

The most popular and beautiful beaches in America. You can opt to travel to more than one like Floridatown Park Beach, Florida Beach (Long Beach), Fernandina Beach, Flagler Avenue Boardwalk (New Smyrna Beach), Flagler Beach, Fletcher Beach, and Fort Clinch State Park (Fort Clinch State Park East Beach Access).

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