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Washington with the population of about 7 Million is a major city in America. The national language is English and the language in Washington is English. There are many higher education institutions in Washington like University of Washington, Washington State University, Western Washington University, The Evergreen State College, Seattle University, Gonzaga University, Central Washington University, Eastern Washington University, Bellevue College, Seattle Pacific University, and University of Puget Sound. The complete list is available in links list below.

Washington's culture is diverse thanks to its relatively recent settlement and role as a major port for Pacific Ocean trade. There are large communities of Asians, Scandinavians, Native Americans, and more recently, Hispanics.

Universities in Washington - List

Facts about Washington

  • Population: About 7 Million
  • Local Language: English
  • Postal Code: 47.604
  • Weather:
    Mid Summer is hot and humid. Winter can be snowy.

Travel Advisory:

The state of Washington is the only state to be named after a United States president. Seattle is home to the first revolving restaurant in the 48 contiguous United States (and the second revolving restaurant in the world). Washington state produces more apples than any other state in the union.
Washington State offers many higher education opportunities. Public Baccalaureates, Independent Colleges, Public CTCs, Authorized Institutions, Continuously Exempt Institutions, Conditional Institutions, Seminaries & Related Programs, Legislatively Created and Endorsed, Resources.
The new nationally recognized Washington College Grant (formerly the State Need Grant) makes education and training beyond high school affordable. More families are eligible, and more programs and types of credentials are included.

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