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Chicken Fried

brings you this satisfying Chicken-Fried Chicken recipe with a savory gravy to match.

Chicken fried rice is the comfort dish of Chinese food. This classic take on the favorite is easy to make and makes the perfect lunch or dinner.

Chicken Fried

Crispy Chicken Fried Chicken smothered in a peppery cream gravy can only be described as the ultimate comfort food.

I like to marinate the chicken breasts in the spiced buttermilk mixture for about 4 hours. You could go up to 8 hours if you wanted to start the marinating process in the morning. Or if you really don’t have the time, a minimum of 30 minutes in the buttermilk bath will add to the flavor and tenderness of the dish.

When I bread the chicken, I let any excess marinade drip into the flour mixture which creates lumps of flour and marinade that I press into the breasts. These lumps turn into delicious crispy bites once the breasts are fried.

Its the all American meal. Find out how to make juicy fried chicken with a crispy golden crust every time.

The Ultimate Chicken Fried Steak is fried to golden perfection and topped with the creamiest gravy you can imagine, sure to quickly become a family favorite. It’s hard to imagine a more quintessential Southern meal than Chicken Fried Steak and Gravy.

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