5 Interesting Facts About Mobile Phones

Some people believe that smartphones are the first step to integrate technology into our own bodies. Just like an extension of our brain and our senses, smartphones provide us with extra knowledge, extra memory, and even extra sight.

Smart Phone - Mobiles an advanced mean of connecting people not only through verbal communication but also through text and visuals. The video Illustrates 5 Interesting facts about mobiles you normally do not know. This amazing video is developed by Muhammad Usman who is a mobile enthusiast of playing mobile games and using variety of app.

Mobile Connects People Globally

Have you ever used your mobile phone to search for information on the Internet, to consult some notes, to translate some text or to take a picture? Smartphones complement some of our shortcomings and make us smarter (at least when we hold them in our hands!).

  Zeki Serhan

  Saturday, 30 Nov 2019       807 Views