Install Mobile Apps on Your Laptop or Computer

There are many Android applications available that don’t provide an installation method for a Windows PC. There are numerous scenarios where PC users would benefit from running Android apps on their computers.

Another popular reason is the ability to play Android games on a PC. The Google Play Store is overflowing with thousands of fun games and playing them on a PC is simple with the methods illustrated in the video. All the methods are easy to adapt. The only requirement is that you have a little know-how of using windows.

Enjoy Games on Big Screen

It makes more sense than ever to put some Android apps on your laptop. As well as giving you access to apps that have no desktop or web equivalent (like Snapchat), it’s great for playing games on the big screen—we got Alto’s Adventure up and running on the Pixelbook with no problems, and plenty of other games would benefit from the extra screen space too.

  Orhan Daoud

  Saturday, 30 Nov 2019       666 Views