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Yoga And Your Health

Yoga is an increasingly popular form of exercise and self-care that is accessed through yoga studios, gyms, hospitals, community centres, schools and at home through online yoga classes.

Finding happiness, or maintaining our wellbeing, are two things that most of us would be keen to achieve. Luckily, there have never before been so many tactics, methods or habits to help us get there. One such example is that of yoga, a practice which has taken the world by storm - but what is it about yoga that makes it so good for you?

Yoga has become an increasingly integral part of 21st-century life, scientists, armed with new tools that allow them to look ever deeper into the body, have been turning their attention to what happens physiologically when we practice yoga—not just asana but also pranayama and meditation.

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These physicians, neuroscientists, psychologists, and other researchers are uncovering fascinating evidence of how the practice affects us mentally and physically and may help to prevent and assist in the treatment of a number of the most common ailments that jeopardize our vitality and shorten our lives.

Dozens of yoga studies are underway at medical institutions around the country, including Duke, Harvard, and the University of California at San Francisco. Some of the research is funded by the National Institutes of Health. More studies are on the way, thanks in part to the work of researchers at the Institute for Extraordinary Living at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, one of the first US research institutes to focus exclusively on yoga. And in India, scientist Shirley Telles heads up Patanjali Yogpeeth Research Foundation, which is spearheading studies large and small.

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While studies of yoga's impact on health are at an all-time high, experts say that much of the research is still in the early stages. But the quality is improving, says Sat Bir Khalsa, a Harvard neuroscientist who has studied yoga's health effects for 12 years. It's likely, he says, that the next decade will teach us even more about what yoga can do for our minds and bodies. In the meantime, the patterns beginning to emerge suggest that what we know about how yoga keeps us well may be just the tip of the iceberg.

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