Cities in Armenia

Republic of Armenia

Armenia - The Republic of Armenia has a population of about 3 with an area of 29,743 sq km. Yerevan is the capital city of Armenia. Gyumri, Vanadzor, Vagharshapat are some of the major cities. The common language(s) spoken in Armenia is (are) Armenian and the people follow Christianity. The official currency of Armenia is Armenian dram. Consider Safety Index for Armenia which is 60 to go there. A few universities in Armenia include Shirak State University, Yerevan State University, Progress University of Gyumri, American University of Armenia, and Armenian State Pedagogical University.

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Armenia Specialists

The main education program that prepares specialists for a Bachelor’s degree includes required courses and practice of general humanities and social-economics, mathematics, natural sciences, and special professional disciplines, many of which contain elective and optional courses. To acquire the first degree at one of the institutions of higher education, applicants should complete 4 years of study or 5 years for a medical specialization.

Safety in Armenia

The safety index is 60 which indicates that the country is comparatively safe (Medium) for visitors.the country is safe for visitors.

Armenian Culture

About 95% of Armenian's population is Christian. The climate in Armenia is extremely hot in summers and very cold in winter. The dram is the official currency of the monetary unit of Armenia. Non-Christian religions such as Islam are small.

There is mandatory health insurance for Armenian people due to the current economic state of affairs and the high cost of medical treatment and limited availability.

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