Cities in Bangladesh

The People's Republic of Bangladesh

Bangladesh - The The People's Republic of Bangladesh has a population of about 165 with an area of 147,570 sq km. Dhaka is the capital city of Bangladesh. Chittagong, Comilla, Khulna are some of the major cities. The common language(s) spoken in Bangladesh is (are) Bangla and the people follow Islam. The official currency of Bangladesh is Bangladeshi taka. Consider Safety Index for Bangladesh which is 49 to go there. A few universities in Bangladesh include Patuakhali Science And Technology University, University of Barisal, Global University Bangladesh, University of Chittagong, and Chittagong University of Engineering And Technology.

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University of Dhaka

Established in 1921, the University of Dhaka holds the distinction of being the oldest university in Bangladesh and boasts a list of famous alumni including Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammed Yunus and the first Bangladeshi president, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. More than 10 former presidents and multiple prime ministers also studied there.

Safety in Bangladesh

The safety index is 49 which indicates that the country is comparatively safe (Medium) for visitors.the country is safe for visitors.

Bangladesh Culture

There are many reasons to study in Bangladesh. Since independence in 1971, Bangladesh has developed into a significant country in its own right, and Bangladeshi culture and art have had a big impact on the evolution of culture in South Asia as a whole. Bangladesh itself is inspired by other nations, with the influence of India and Nepal evident in its cuisine, art, language, and festivals.

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