Top 20 Universities of the World Offering

Programs in Dentistry

Degree in Dentistry

A Bachelor of Science degree program with a concentration in pre-dentistry can provide a solid academic background for dental school. College admission requirements typically include submission of high school transcripts and ACT or SAT scores.

Top Universities of the World for Dentistry

From a long list of universities in the World a few are:

Penn State University

Penn State University   (Pennsylvania)

University of Wisconsin-Madison

University of Wisconsin-Madison   (Wisconsin)

Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University   (Pennsylvania)

University of Florida

University of Florida   (Florida)

University of Virginia

University of Virginia   (Virginia)

Simon Fraser University

Simon Fraser University   (British Columbia)

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Job Opportunities

Those who have studied dentistry may find several alternative careers that utilize their unique skills or interests. Dentists can find several fitting alternative careers in the fields of healthcare and education. These jobs may draw upon a dentist's interest in medicine and health.

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