Top 20 Universities of the World Offering

Programs in Religion And Theology

Theology is the study of religion, plain and simple. Of course, religion isn’t simple, so theology covers a lot of subjects, like rituals, divine beings, the history of religions, and the concept of religious truth.

Top Universities of the World for Religion And Theology

From a long list of universities in the World a few are:

University of Alberta

University of Alberta   (Alberta)

Penn State University

Penn State University   (Pennsylvania)

University of Toronto

University of Toronto   (Ontario)

Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University   (Pennsylvania)

University of Florida

University of Florida   (Florida)

The University of Utah

The University of Utah   (Utah)

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Job Opportunities

Possible jobs from a Theology and Religious Studies degree include Lecturing, teaching, advice worker, archivist, work within 'third sector' organisations, counselling, community development worker, and a police officer or youth worker.

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