Top 20 Universities of the World Offering

Programs in Veterinary

In Veterinary a person protects the health and well-being of both animals and people. They diagnose and control animal diseases and treat sick and injured animals. They also advise owners on proper care of their pets and livestock.

Top Universities of the World for Veterinary

From a long list of universities in the World a few are:

Penn State University

Penn State University   (Pennsylvania)

The University of Sydney

The University of Sydney   (New South Wales)

Monash University

Monash University   (Victoria)

Universitetet i Oslo

Universitetet i Oslo   (Oslo)

Emory University

Emory University   (Georgia)

University of South Carolina

University of South Carolina   (South Carolina)

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Job Opportunities

Veterinary Doctor has a career opportunity as clinical practice, biomedical research, education, diagnostic laboratories, consultation, or safeguarding our nation’s food supply. Their specialty, veterinarians are dedicated to maintaining and promoting animal health.

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